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With the winning combination of expertise, hand filing and high quality products, we are sure to create the perfect set of long-lasting nails. All for just £31.

Why choose us for your Acrylic Extensions?

- No Electric Files. We hand file.
- Experienced Technicians.
- High quality products. 
- Service tailored to your needs. We listen to what you want.
- Aftercare.
- Bespoke Nail Art.



We have over 100 different nail varnishes to choose from, and if you're looking for a little something different, our technicians can apply bespoke nail art on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your acrylic nails different to others?
- We use a variety of different things to produce a strong, lasting set of nails. Some salons use electric files, which we do not. If used incorrectly & carelessly, electric files (or "drills") can damage nail beds, and cause them pain. To be precise, we hand file our nails. For a strong nail, we build up the white on your nails using Acrylic Powder and a fine brush. We do not spray it on.

How long do they last?
- They usually last 2-3 weeks maximum. To make them last, you can have them infilled.

Their Acrylic Nails are TOP NOTCH!
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I’ve been going to nail addiction to get my nails done for 10 years.... I think that says a lot in itself!!
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Best place in Gloucester to get your nails done!!! Fab, friendly & well priced!! Have been coming here to have my nails done for 3+ years, wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!!
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Wouldn’t go anywhere else professional fun and friendly. Been getting my nails done at Nail Addiction for 8 years this year!
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